How BevMo uses Zipline to improve store execution and basket size

Anyone with a distributed workforce knows how difficult it is to put store associates at the center of your brand strategy. As BevMo! grew, the retailer identified a disconnect between HQ and the stores. HQ was communicating, but stores weren’t executing.

But everything changed with Zipline.

Today, BevMo! has:

  • A single portal for all communication to keep store teams aligned
  • A task management solution that allows associates to walk the store and perform requested tasks, checking things off as they go so field leaders can see what is being accomplished
  • The ability to search the resource library by SKU or any term for quick answers to questions 
  • Daily personalized calendars to see what’s ahead and what’s due
  • The ability to easily segment communications by store or role so the field isn’t sifting through unnecessary information

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